Congratulations on completing a Vamoosh book!

Here you can receive an official certificate of completion, feedback from an expert and entry to the Most Enjoyable Performance Competition!

Follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1
Create a video of a performance showcasing two pieces of music: One designated piece see below, plus one other piece of your choice from the book you have completed.
Step 2
Once you’re ready to submit, click on the link below to submit your video and provide your details.
What happens next?
Within a few weeks you will receive your certificate and feedback by email. Competition winners will be announced at the end of December, March and July. Winners will receive a special medal and a surprise gift!

Pass, Merit and Distinctions are awarded to entrants depending on the quality of their performance. There is no fail, but some applicants may be asked to re-submit if a basic standard isn’t met. See notes below.

You do not need to own a copy of Vamoosh to apply.
See our list of experts

Thomas Gregory (Chief Executive)
Rachel Cooper (Strings)
Abigail Dance (Strings)
Penny Gunstone (Flute and Recorder)
Josef Stout (Clarinet, Sax)
Rocco Brunori (Trumpet)
Aaron Burrows (Piano/Keyboard)
Step 1 Preparation
Preparing your best performance:
To achieve a pass, make sure you play the correct notes with close attention to pitch and rhythm. Merits and Distinctions are awarded to characterful performances that demonstrate good playing technique with attention to detail. The most enjoyable performances will be considered for the competition.
Making your best Video:

Try to ensure your whole body and both hands are visible on the screen and there is enough light in the room. You can perform with or without accompaniment or backing track as you wish. It is also a nice idea to perform ensemble items with yourself by combining more than one video. Click here to see some example performances.

Designated Pieces
(you must play this piece, plus one other of your choice)

Step 2 Submit Your Performance

Click here to submit your performance
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